Mario Delgado Tattoo Artist and Illustrator
Mario Delgado
610 Bush Street
San Francisco Ca
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$180 minimum
$180 per hour
Deposit: $180

Due to Covid-19 Moth and Dagger Tattoo is appointment only for the safety of our customers. Artists and Customers will be required to wear a mask the complete duration of the tattoo.

Consultations will be moved to Zoom meetings to lessen exposure from traveling. All customers will no longer be able to bring family members or friends to accompany them during the tattoo. All, even repeat customers will have to sign a new release form releasing liability for Covid-19. This pertains to exposure from our studio; other clients, travel to the studio and exposure from their or other artists in the studio.

Like always, our equipment and furniture will be cleaned with Anti-Viral sprays and wipes after each client and a new hospital barrier system will be installed to separate each customer and artist from the other stations.

We ask that if you feel that you have a fever or symptoms of Covid-19 to stay home. We must inform you that even though we do understand the dangers of Covid-19 we will not be able to transfer your deposit over to another session if you cancel within 48 hours.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to eventually get back to work and keep everyone safe as this pandemic comes to an end.